Necessary Risks

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Creekside Community Church
“The Return of the King” The Gospel of Matthew April 8, 2018
John Bruce - Pastor

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Three Ways We Know That We Believe What Jesus Says About the Future 1. We live as managers, not owners. (Matthew 25:14-15)

2. We take necessary risks instead of playing it safe. (Matthew 24:16-18)

3. We know our reward comes later, not now. (Matthew 24:19-30)

Necessary Risks

(Matt. 25:14-30)

For further thought and discussion: Getting Started

  1. What was helpful to you in this week’s sermon? What didn’t you understand?

  2. If you knew Christ would return one year from today, would that change the way you live the next

    12 months? Why or why not?

Going Deeper

  1. Please read Matthew 25:14-15. This is the third parable Jesus tells about preparing for His return. Who does the master represent? Who are the servants? Why will I see myself as a manager rather than as an owner if I believe Jesus is coming back? How does this lesson apply to the way you see your money? Time? Abilities? Employment? Family?

  2. Please read Matthew 25:16-18. Many people think the talents represent all that Jesus entrusts to us: talents, money, time, opportunities, education, etc. Others believe that the talents represent the gospel. Which view do you presently hold and why? How do you think the two servants might have multiplied their master’s talents? Why is taking risks necessary for good management of what Christ has entrusted to us? In what areas do you need to live a riskier life? Why?

  3. Please read Matthew 25:19-30. When are the servants rewarded? Why is this important for us to remember? Why are the servants rewarded? How are the servants rewarded? What are some ways which believing this parable might change the way we see our life now?

  4. Why did the third servant fail? How is he a picture of unbelief? How was his view of his master inaccurate? Why is an accurate view of Christ essential for managing well what He has entrusted to us?

  5. In what ways could you be a better manager of what Christ has entrusted to you?

Application: What is one thing you have learned from this passage and how will you apply it to your life?