Core Values

Christ For Us - We value the gospel

The gospel is the good news that Jesus has done for us what we could never do for ourselves. It is the news of redemption through Jesus Christ that reconciles us to God and adopts us into his family. The Bible is not primarily about the great things we must do for God, but about the great things he has already done for us through Christ. The gospel transforms our heart, shapes our behavior, and nourishes our soul. The gospel is the lens through which we view all of life and the standard by which we measure all we do.

CHRIST with us - we value community

God is a community of persons. Humans are created for community. And Jesus has saved us into community. Thus, we cannot be Christ's disciples by ourselves. Christians are not individuals who gather for meetings, but members of God's family. Our identity is communal. Thus, growing in our relationship with Christ and serving him is always done in relationship with other believers.


The Spirit of God creates new life in us, changes our heart, guides us, instructs us, motivates us and frees us from sin through his word. There is no discipleship apart from the Scriptures. It is the instrument the indwelling Holy Spirit uses to make us like Jesus. The Bible is our discipleship manual and developing a biblically literate congregation is essential if we are to make disciples who make disciples - which is why the careful study and application of the Scriptures are foundational to all we do as a church.

CHRIST Through Us - We value Mission

It is impossible to be a true disciple of Jesus without being on mission with Jesus. The church's defining purpose is to glorify Christ by proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel to a needy world. We exist for the larger community and cannot afford to be selfish or inward looking. The ministry of the gospel and making disciples of Jesus belongs to all God's people. We are all given the privilege and responsibility of mission.