Imitating Jesus: Praying like Jesus I: Check Your Motives- Sermon 5

Creekside Community Church: “Imitating Jesus” “Praying like Jesus I: Check Your Motives” October 7, 2012
John Bruce – Pastor

Praying like Jesus I The Wrong Motives for Prayer (Matthew 6:1, 5-8)

The Right Motive for Prayer (John 14:8-14)

For further thought and discussion:

Getting Started

1. What was helpful to you in this week’s sermon? What didn’t you understand?
2. Can you give one example of a prayer you’re certain that God heard and answered?

Going Deeper

  1. Please read Matthew 6:1, 5-8. How can bad motives spoil good actions? What wrong motivation is Jesus warning about here? How can this motivation ruin our prayers? Can you think of an example of praying to impress people? Of praying to impress God? Read through these verses again and list everything you learn about God. How would believing that God is as Jesus describes Him change the way we pray? To which of these two wrong motives are you most susceptible? Why? Why do you think God cares so much about why we do what we do?

  2. Please read John 14:8-14. What is Philip actually asking for here? How does Jesus answer Philip’s request? Why does Jesus say that to see Him was to see His Father? How did the Father make Himself visible in the Son? How does this relate to prayer? (12-14) What is the reason to pray which is always appropriate? Can you think of a prayer you’ve prayed for this reason? Can you think of a situation or need to which you could apply this motive for prayer currently?


What is one thing you learned from this week’s passages that you will apply to your life?