Finding Your Place

Assessing Your passions and skills 

Passions Assessment

In some cases, your passions can be identified without much prompting, but more often than not, they require a little soul searching. Please answer the questions below. Pray and ask God to help you identify your passions. 

Use these questions as a guide and select the passions that apply to you. 

6. The Passions below are not all the passions a person can have, but will you in identifying possible service opportunities. *
Please select (no more than) 5 of the passions listed below.
7. Skills Assessment *
We all have certain skills that we enjoy expressing. Below is a list of skills which will aid us in providing service opportunities tailed to you as an individual. Select all skills applicable to you.
8. Are you currently serving at Creekside? *
If "no," how much time can you invest in ministry at Creekside (please check one of the boxes below)?
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