Succulent Bridges

Creekside is nestled into a subdivision of wonderful neighbors. We'd like to show our appreciation for them by planting succulents into cute containers, making cards, and delivering them to our neighbors.

Location: Creekside Community Church and a few neighboring streets
Team Leaders: Glen and Casey Ottinger
Volunteers Needed:  25 children ages 2 through 10 accompanied by an adult, 2 purchasers,  and 2 organizers
Time: 10:00-11:00 a.m.
Skill Set: Ready to get your hands dirty? You and your children will be planting succulents into cute containers (plastic gloves available if needed!). Art supplies will be on hand to help you make fun cards to give to our neighbors when you deliver the succulents. You need the ability to walk to a designated home 1-2 blocks from Creekside.