Support For Victims of Camp Fire

Below is a message from our denomination - the Evangelical Free Church of America - about how we can support the victims of the Camp Fire:

In what has amounted to the deadliest wildfire in California history, 90 percent of Paradise, California, has been destroyed. Eighty homes of EFCA congregants were destroyed by the fire, leaving just two families from Paradise EFC with homes to which to return. Still, by the grace of God, all the congregants’ lives were spared. We’re responding, but we need your help. Along with the physical restoration, the Crisis Response team is focusing on trauma care – providing support and counseling to those who experienced this disaster firsthand. Pray For God’s peace, comfort, hope and restoration to cover Pastor Art Worthington, Paradise EFC and all those affected by the fire in the Paradise community. For God’s wisdom, guidance and strength for those on the ground responding from Crisis Response and the EFCA Western District. For unity, both in Northern California and across our EFCA movement, as we seek to help our neighbors recover from this disaster. For God to be glorified and the gospel to be spread in the face of this devastating fire. Give After Hurricane Harvey hit, we raised over $1.6 million in relief funds, by the grace of God. The devastation in Paradise has been even more catastrophic on our EFCA family, so we are in great need of your financial support. You can give here.