English Camp Missions Trip

Help students learn English and discover more about who Jesus is by joining the English Camp Team. Our trip this year is to Minsk, Belarus from August 14th-28th. 

Our team will arrive a few days before the campers. This time is spent getting to know more about Belarus by sightseeing and staying in the homes of members of our host church. When the campers arrive, they will have a brief conversation with a team of 2 who will evaluate their current English skill level. They will then be placed in a class level that will assist them in practicing and improving their English.

Campers and staff members are each assigned to teams. The team interacts all day with activities like games, sports, conversation time, Bible studies, and an evening program. There are 2 free periods each day. 

Each day also features a 90 minute English class, although most of the learning is done during the other activities. A lot of English is learned on the volleyball court!

The host church gives gospel presentations during the week and provides translators for us. We are there to support the local host church!

Contact John Gilson for more information.