Even More Helpful Stuff on Missional Communities

Todd Engstrom has a helpful new article on the distinctives of missional community.  

I found this excerpt on Bible study particularly challenging: 

Certainly people need to study the Bible, but to study the Bible without engaging in authentic community on mission is a fool's errand. The purpose of studying the Bible is indeed to learn about God and conform us to the image of Christ, but it's also to equip us for the work of ministry in the church (community) and outside the church (mission).
If we desire compelling communities that foster obedience to the Bible, our community should be naturalneutral, and regular, in the pattern and rhythm of everyday life, not a one-hour, drive-through Bible study.
Practically speaking, most Bible studies need to think critically about how the information that they are studying affects their daily life AND specifically how they can share the good news of Christ's life, death, and resurrection with their friends and neighbors. Transitioning this kind of community requires gathering in different ways for different purposes.