The Trinity Is Very Good News

I'm reading a book by Michael Reeves about the Trinity. If you think the doctrine of the Trinity is boring, speculative, too academic, or simply irrelevant to your Christian life, repent and read this book (and even if you don't read the book, repent. Seriously.). On page after page, Reeves demonstrates that God's Trinitarian existence is not only the basis of our faith, but also the very best thing about it.

Here's an insight I've gleaned from reading the book:

Because God is Triune, (1) God doesn't need us, but (2) God wants us. Let me elaborate.

(1) God Doesn't Need Us.

The Father, Son and Spirit share perfect love for one another, and have done so for all eternity. This explains why God is love (1 John 4:8). God's essence is love because the Trinitarian persons exist in eternal, perfect loving relationship to one another. This love is the source and standard for all love. It is complete and flawless. Therefore, from eternity past, God has been content. There is no defect or lack within his nature. Thus, when God creates, he doesn't do so out of loneliness, boredom or any deficiency on his part. So why does he create? Because...

(2) God Wants Us

Why did God create the world? Because God is, by his very nature, generous. The Father, Son and Spirit share their love and life with one another. Each person has always been externally focused. Creation is the overflow of this shared life. It is natural for God to love others; just look at the Trinity! As Reeves says,

[God] is a father. One has to wonder if a barren god, who is not a father, is capable of giving life and so birthing a creation. But one can have no such doubts with the Father: for eternity he has been fruitful, potent, vitalizing. For such a God (and only for such a God) it seems very natural and entirely unsurprising that he should bring about more life and so create.

   Delighting in the Trinity, p. 42

The Father creates the world through the work of the Son and by the power of the Spirit. He shares what is his, because he is a self-giving God.

God doesn't need you. He isn't an insecure, emotionally distraught teenager who just "couldn't go on" if he didn't have you. On the other hand, God isn't a cold watchmaker who looks on dispassionately as entropy takes its course. God is the Father, Son and Spirit. In  an explosion of Triune generosity, God has created you to share in this love.

I wouldn't worship a god who couldn't live without me. I wouldn't trust a god who didn't care for me. Our God is Triune; he is big enough to handle our issues, and kind enough to actually do it. And that, brothers and sisters, is very good news.