BB Guns and Forgiveness, By Sarah Grijalva

God’s word changes us. May I give you an example? I love my car. It’s my first car: a 2006 Ford Focus Wagon with plenty of room for all of my teaching gear. A few weeks ago, I was shocked to find the side window shattered and three BB gun bullet marks. I think it was done by a random person passing by our street.

I should have been upset, angry, and worried. Yet, I didn’t feel any of those emotions. To my surprise my heart said, “I forgive whoever did this.”

It’s hard to describe, but I felt like a tree of forgiveness had suddenly sprung up in my heart.

Where did this surprising response come from?! I started digging around in the soil of my heart and found the “seed”.

Every week, I write a Bible verse on the board in my classroom. I read it every day with each class. That week's verse was about God’s great forgiveness.

Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, You forgive them all.

Psalm 65:3 (NLT)

By constantly reading and explaining this verse, it became deeply planted in my heart. Because I was so aware of God’s forgiveness, my heart was prepared to extend forgiveness to whoever shattered my window. And I’m so glad I did! I was freed from anger and worry.

Like a seed planted in a garden, God’s word can grow wonderful things in our lives. I encourage you to keep reading the Bible and let it grow deep roots in your heart. Reflect on it and share it with others. Allow God to change you.