Values: Mission (Part 3b)

In our last post, I discussed the mission of the church. Here are some questions for us to consider in our groups.

  1. What is the church's purpose (see Matthew 28:19-20; 1 Peter 2:9-11)? How should this impact the way we look at community, teaching, worship, etc?
  2. Read John 13:34-35; 17:20-26. What do these passages teach about mission? Why can't the mission be accomplished apart from the church?
  3. How are we going to live on mission? Discuss this question with your group. Use the following questions[1] to spur discussion.
    • What culture/people group are we focused on reaching?
    • Who are we praying will come to know Jesus this year? Make a list.
    • What civic events can we participate in together?
    • What relationships should we invest in corporately? Whom will we serve? To whom will we show hospitality?
    • How we can establish more consistent points of contact with those we’re trying to reach? Are there ways to simplify our social lives to accomplish this? Are there church activities (or other activities) we need to cut out in order to accomplish this?

[1] I’ve adapted these questions from Brad House’s solid book  on small groups, pp. 229-33.