The Creekside Council has been given the responsibility to oversee the collection and use of all funds donated to Creekside, and is accountable for this responsibility to God, the congregation, and the Internal Revenue Service. The following policies are our attempt to honor the Scriptures, the responsibility the congregation has given us and the laws of the land in the most transparent way that we can. We welcome any comments or suggestions.

What happens to money I contribute to Creekside?
Each year, the Creekside Council undertakes a thorough review of anticipated giving and expenses for the coming year in order to develop an annual budget which carefully allocates the expected contributions to the needs of Creekside's various ministries, projects, and ongoing expenses (such as the building, salaries, insurance, etc.) This budget is then submitted to the Creekside Voting Members for approval each January. All contributions, unless designated otherwise as provided below, are deposited in Creekside's general operating fund from which all budgeted expenses approved by the Members are then paid. Creekside keeps a record of your contributions and will send you a copy of that record at year end for tax purposes.

Can I donate stock?
Giving an appreciated stock or mutual fund is greatly appreciated! If you are making a gift of stock or securities, please contact Sharon Wallace so we can properly record your donation. l

Can I specify how I want the money to be spent?
Given the careful and lengthy process noted above undertaken by the Creekside Council each year in developing the budget, giving to Creekside's general operating fund is preferred and best ensures that your donations are used to the maximum benefit of Creekside and its ministries. However, the Creekside Council appreciates the fact that some donors may have specific causes they are passionate about, and these donors may desire to designate their giving to these causes. To balance our desire to honor the wishes of Creekside's donors, with the responsibility the Creekside Members have given to the Council to comply with the annual budget which they had approved, the following guidelines regarding designated giving have been developed.

First, we distinguish among three types of designated giving: 1) giving toward established Creekside ministries that are included within the approved annual budget; 2) giving toward special projects not included in the approved annual budget; and 3) giving toward specific individuals or families.

In the first case, if you designate your contribution for a budgeted Creekside ministry, (Celebrate Recovery, children, youth, etc.) your contribution will be placed in the general operating fund from which that ministry is supported in accordance with the approved budget.

In the second case, if you designate your contributions to a special project approved by the Council, your contribution will be used for that project. If you would like to fund a special project which has not been approved by the Council, you may propose that project to the Council. If the Council approves, Creekside will use the funds you contribute for that project.

For example, if Bob designates $1,000 for the youth ministry, that money would go into the general operating fund, which supports the youth ministry budget. If Bob designates $1,000 for a van for the youth ministry, and the Council approves that project, Bob's contribution would be used for the purchase of a van. If Bob designates $1,000 to be used to send the youth pastor and his wife to Las Vegas for the weekend, Bob's $1,000 contribution would not be allowed for that purpose and Bob would be given an opportunity to either redirect those funds to one of the other giving areas available at Creekside or receive his donation back.

To determine if a special project has been approved by the Creekside Council, or if you have any questions regarding our giving policy, please contact Sharon Wallace at (510) 430-0607.

In the third case, Creekside does not accept funds designated for specific individuals or families, as they would not be tax deductible under IRS regulations. People can contribute to Creekside's Benevolence Fund which has been set up to help needy members of Creekside.

IRS regulations require the Creekside Council to use contributions which have been solicited by Creekside for the specific purpose for which they were solicited. The Creekside Council must reserve the right to redirect unsolicited contributions to areas of ministry with the greatest need. However, barring extraordinary circumstances, Creekside will make every attempt to use all contributions according to the donors' wishes.